Trailers for the transport of fuels and dust.


Units in production


Suitable for the transport of oil by-products, alcohols, bio-diesel, vegetable oils, etc.

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superjet,grano,hti cono sur s.a.,transporte,maíz,trailer,heil
Super Jet

A variety of designs and applications (lime, cement, plastics, arenas, fracture sands, ceramics, etc.).

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insulated,grano,hti cono sur s.a.,transporte,maíz,trailer,heil

Suitable for the transport of products that require to maintain their temperature or need to be heated. Appropriate for the transport of Asphalt, Fuel Oil, Oils, etc.

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bitren,grano,hti cono sur s.a.,transporte,maíz,trailer,heil

Settings for different product options, specific weights, densities, temperatures, on-road or off-road uses.

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Designs & Projects,grano,hti,transport,maíz,trailer,heil
Designs & Projects

These are special units that are designed to address the development of new projects, which will be adjusted to the specific needs of a client or a battery of products.

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Markets & products

Oil & gas

Learn about our units manufactured to the highest standards of quality in the market. Custom-made trailers that respect the requirements of your company.

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