Insulated Insulated Insulated Insulated

Suitable for the transport of products that require to maintain their temperature or need to be heated. Appropriate for the transport of Asphalt, Fuel Oil, Oils, etc.

  • Construction In 5000 series aluminum alloy, according to ADR and/or DOT and in carbon steel or stainless steel, according to ADR and DOT.
  • Section One Cone, Double Cone Straight, other design options.
  • Glass wool or polyurethane coated in aluminum or stainless steel.
  • Possibility of provision with heating system driven by diesel, propane, etc.
  • Different models of discharge, expansion chambers, etc.
  • Number of axes and settings adjusted to the needs of the client.
  • Pneumatic suspensions. Possibility of being equipped with retractable or directional axes.
  • Brake system with ABS/EB+3/TRS, aluminum / steel wheels.
  • LED lights, Collapsible Bumper according to DOT in aluminum alloy.
  • Miscellaneous standard accessories to select among a wide range of options.
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