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Heil Trailer International - HTI Cono Sur S.A.


HTI Cono Sur S.A. is the acronym of the name Heil Trailer International SA that currently defines the operational unit inaugurated in the year 1998 by Heil Trailer International (HTI) in Argentina. This event reaffirmed the leadership and consolidated HEIL as the only brand with a global presence in its field. With almost 20 years of presence in the region, HTI Cono Sur SA continues to lead the market for the manufacture and sale of trailers in aluminum alloy, as well as equipment in stainless steel, carbon, and sets to provide services in the oil industry both in donwstream and upstream operations, as in mining, agriculture, aeronautics, etc.

The plant located in the city of Cañuelas, 60 km from Buenos Aires, is still the manufacturing venue of the most varied designs that are tailored to the requirements of the clients. At present, the company operates with equipment of the highest technology available.

All units are manufactured and certified under ADR (European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road), and DOT (USA standards). By virtue of this, we have obtained the authorization to provide trailers to users in other countries such as Brazil, Chile, Peru, Trinidad and Tobago, Panama, Honduras, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Curaçao, Bonaire, to name just a few. The plant is certified under ISO 9001 Corporate and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.

transport, factory, construction, aluminum, tank, trailers, petroleum, gas, cementation, hydration, bombs, fracture, design, projects

HTI SA excels at providing a final product that is carefully designed and studied to the smallest detail. The devices are characterized by a qualified design, an impressive appearance and high efficiency. In addition, they require a low-cost maintenance, and have a lifetime above standards, generating a substantial increase in benefits and a high resale value. With an efficient, compact and highly skilled organization, Heil Argentina (HTI SA) to the market outstanding products and it is also responsible for responding to the individual needs of each client.

This allows it to enter into business relationships in which the biggest commitment is to solve problems, providing innovative, efficient solutions quickly and with a customized attention. Since its inception, HEIL has applied a policy that has allowed it become the brand per excellence and the most prestigious one in meeting the needs on trailers for transport, with a wide offer of lightweight, safe and high-quality design.

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Our units are equipped with the latest technologies and manufactured under the finest engineering standards. All products are designed to meet the needs of each client. HTI SA is a guarantee of quality and commitment.

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