Petroleum Petroleum Petroleum Petroleum Petroleum Petroleum Petroleum

Suitable for the transport of oil by-products, alcohols, bio-diesel, vegetable oils, etc.

  • Construction In 5000 series aluminum alloy, according to ADR and/or DOT.
  • Volume and number of compartments in accordance with the regulations of the country of destination or needs of the user.
  • Bottom loading, pre-bottom loading, top loading system.
  • With or without release by pumping system with measurement and delivery of ticket for delivery.
  • Number of axes and settings adjusted to the needs of the client.
  • Pneumatic suspensions. Brake system with ABS/EB+3/TRS, aluminum / steel wheels.
  • LED Lights, Collapsible Bumper according to DOT.
  • Miscellaneous accessories for standard provision and/or to select among a wide range of options.
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Models of equipment to be mounted on truck (Truck Mounted Tank) or trailer.
  • Varied volumes or number of compartments/tanks in accordance with the logistics required by the customer.
  • Built in aluminum alloy and with anchoring system: heavy duty, bolster mount.
  • Bottom loading, pre-bottom loading, top loading system.
  • Pumping systems of various designs. Measurement and dispatch service integrated with predetermination of volumes to dispatch and printing of ticket. Lateral or rear unloading from compartments or measuring systems. Combination of dual dispatch, with individual systems of high and low flow rate.
  • Accessories: variety and choice such as: fender and bumpers / aluminum bumpers, additional lights for night operation, drawers for tools, cabinets for protection of valves (Api Box), fire extinguisher, cones, etc. The components comply with the provisions in the rules governing the transport of Dangerous Substances.
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